The Seven Pillars

Every studio in our community is guided and inspired by 7 philosophical pillars. These pillars help us keep it real – both on and off the mat. Check out the videos below to learn more!

  • healthy@2x

    Be Healthy

    A healthy yoga practice makes it easier to make healthy life choices.

  • accessible@2x

    Be Accessible

    Our Community welcomes all bodies, backgrounds, budgets, sexual orientations, and individual expressions of being.

  • green@2x

    Live Green

    Our community is passionate about conservation. We plan for the protection of our planet.

  • community@2x

    Community Support

    We amplify our own potential by supporting each other.

  • reachout@2x

    Reach Out

    Karma classes raise millions. Active service raises hope and changes lives.

  • learn@2x

    Live to Learn

    The truly ‘advanced’ is always a beginner. The opportunity to learn is everywhere.

  • peace@2x

    Be Peace

    We cultivate peace for lasting change: inside AND worldwide.